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Booty Bake ® is a group fitness class unlike any other!  

Bring home the cake with high intensity resistance training! 

Be warned, Booty Bake ® isn't just a piece of cake!

This workout may sound sweet, but be prepared for a spicy treat & an intense sweat!

Booty Bake ® is designed to bring the badass out in you, while having a good one ;)


Class begins with a warm up & stretch, followed by putting your Booty Bake ® Bands on!

We go through different variations of movements, geared to the booty, legs and core! 

Each song played during has a new set of moves! (Did I mention our music is always on point and actually assists in wanting to workout?!)

By mid class we are going across the floor (or field) to cover some distance with fun, athletic moves to cover some distance.  The support from your classmates right here will keep you coming back!

As we approach the end of class, we make our way to our mats.--Sorry, this doesn't mean rest. We will be burning out the booty here with moves such as donkey kicks, fire hydrants and hip thrusts. YES! Build booty, build!

We finish with a core burnout--yes your Booty Bake ® bands will still amplify this for a tight, engaged core!

Lastly, we turn it back to you, with a little namaste-energy, laying flat on your back, absorbing new energy in & giving yourself the credit you deserve.  Because you did this--you pushed & never gave up. Much like in life, it always comes back to YOU. If you can get through Booty Bake ®, you can get through anything! 

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