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Booty Bake® Changed My Life, Not Just My Booty!

Change. Such a simple thing to talk about, but a difficult thing to do. Change is something I finally can say I achieved with the help of Michelle’s Booty Bake® class!

A great friend of mine, who was probably tired of hearing me complain about my “mom bod” and verbalized plans to exercise that never flourished, took me to my first Booty Bake® class. Michelle’s spirit, kindness, and drive is the best part of this class. I died in her class that first day. I felt like I was going to pass out. I wanted to vomit. I was disappointed in myself for being so out of shape, but Michelle was right there telling me I could do this.  Yes, I “died” a bit in that first class and I still do when I go to her class now, but I’m able to see it as change in the making! She even took time after class to teach me how to improve my form with some of the moves we do in class. Michelle has the ability to pull out the best in everyone!

I used to make up excuses as to why I shouldn’t exercise, or just “didn’t have the time.” Now it is difficult to not want to go to class!

Change is what Booty Bake® has made happen for me. I am so happy with my body. I feel comfortable being in my skin now. I feel like a strong sexy woman! I am so happy that I can actually keep up with my kids. Physically I have lost weight, I see muscles that never existed on me, my posture has improved tremendously, and I have an amazing booty!

When I asked my husband, where he has seen my biggest improvement, he told me it was my overall attitude; my drive to exercise and be healthy!  I completely agree with him! I am no longer a “Debbie Downer” when it comes to working out. It is still difficult but as Michelle says,”With challenge comes the change we wish to create.” I know that I will continue to try my best, while the change I want will continue to happen.

-Erica M.

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I am now the BOSS of my own body!

Booty Bake® didn’t just change my booty, it changed my confidence level, my self esteem, and my motivation to be a better version of myself!

Michelle works really hard to not only create a fun and energetic workout, but a workout that will guarantee results in a healthy, safe, and efficient way.

After just a few weeks of Booty Bake® I not only saw a difference in my body, but in my motivation and mindset! I woke up in the morning feeling stronger, feeling like a better version of myself. I used to swear it was impossible to create the body I wanted, but now I know that by baking with Michelle I am more then capable to be the BOSS of my own body. Feeling capable everyday, wearing things you swore you never could, and building a community with other strong individuals to maintain a healthy body and lifestyle is one of the greatest things I could’ve asked for from Michelle.

Michelle is an amazing person, not only for creating Booty Bake®, but for putting her  blood, sweat and tears into it so her clients will get the best benefits. She’s truly selfless, and all of her hard work shows. I am SO PROUD to be a product of that. I have been able to bring my Booty Bake® workouts & bands with me while traveling the country for work. I can keep up with my workout regimen and maintain my healthy diet and lifestyle.

Michelle gives you workouts and intervals that make it incredibly easy to follow even when she’s not around. I love that I can bring my bands with me wherever I go. It has allowed me to continue to work towards this new version of me. I love Booty Bake®, I finally love my butt, I love my body, and most importantly I love feeling like I’m capable of doing it ALL!

 Thank you Michelle and Booty Bake®. I am on the right path to creating the best me!

-Alexandria C.

The absolute best workout experience



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