Congrats on your recent purchase!!

In an effort to help the environment, Booty Bake®️ is green & will no longer be including a printed version of your band set up with shipped packages. Please see below for your digital instructions on how to set your bands up properly.

First: Choose your level of resistance!

Grey is Intermediate

Yellow is Advanced

Black is Power

Note that the SHORTER band will always go in the back.

Think: tighter band, tighter booty, booty in the back 😉

•When putting your Booty Bake ® bands on, you want to place them about 3-4 inches above your knee, right where that pretty quad muscles start to pop out.

•If you look down at the words “Booty Bake” they will be upside down for you. If someone else was looking at you straight on, they should be able to read it right side up, left to right.

•Logo in the center of your leg & silver hooks on the outside.

Copy the same thing for your opposite leg, and match up the bands evenly.

•Hook the front band across in front, and the back band will go behind your legs to the back, opposite hook.

We are excited to see your progress.

Remember to take pictures before you start your journey, and as you progress!!

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Happy baking!

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